How to use the hair removal device

Preparation before using the laser hair removal device

1. First observe your skin color. If the skin color is too deep, it is not suitable to use laser hair removal. However, the skin color of the Asians can be used.

2, if there is no problem with skin color, you need to shave your hair. Be careful not to use a plucking device or a hair removal cream. If you use it, you need to wait two weeks before using the laser hair removal device.

3. After shaving your hair, wipe the skin clean. Do not apply any cream or gel before using the laser hair removal device.

4, according to my personal experience, the most appropriate preparation is to use a wet and dry shaving device to shave the hair first, then wash the body after washing, you can start using the laser hair removal device.

Using laser hair removal device

1. According to the instructions, charge, select the light intensity, and then start laser hair removal.

2. Generally speaking, the first four times are once every two weeks, the fifth to seventh times are once a month, the eighth to the fifteenth times every three months, and then there is where the long photos are. According to the personal physique can be adjusted accordingly.

3. The whole cycle is 18-24 months, which is quite long.

After using the laser hair removal device

Note after depilation: do a good job of soothing skin

After hair removal treatment: no matter what hair removal method you use, it will cause damage to the skin to a certain extent, so you must work on the skin soothingly. You can use clean water to cleanse your skin, then use an anti-allergic moisturizing spray to soothe the skin, not only to soothe the skin, but also to replenish the skin.

Precautions after hair removal: Keep your skin moisturized and moisturized

Care after depilation: After depilation, the skin tends to become dry, not to mention in the fall, so the moisturizing work should be carried out continuously. Because skin education is fragile after hair removal, the choice of moisturizing products should be very cautious. Try to choose natural ingredients, hypoallergenic formula, and soft and moisturizing lotion.

Note after hair removal: avoid direct sunlight

After depilation care: the skin is forbidden to contact the sun after hair removal, the ultraviolet light can directly damage the hair follicle for the second time, it is difficult to easily produce melanin to cause the garbage to precipitate, so that the small black spots will grow. Although you should use sunscreen, you should never use sunscreen. Try to stay indoors and use some physical sunscreen.

Precautions after hair removal: No use of whitening products

Care after depilation: After depilation, the skin is very fragile. Try not to use too much skin care. Many MMs love to use sunscreen. In fact, this is not acceptable. If you want to whiten your skin, there are many ways to choose some natural whitening methods, such as white vinegar whitening method. Add a small amount of white vinegar during bathing. It can naturally and safely whiten and inhibit the growth of hair.

Precautions after hair removal: avoid spicy food and keep the diet light

After depilation care: Pay attention to the diet after hair removal, try to eat some light food, avoid spicy food, some allergic food can not eat, such as seafood.We should eat more fruits, supplement the vitamins needed to increase the resistance and reduce pigmentation.

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