About Philips pulse light hair removal

After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various types of hair removal methods, I found that laser and pulsed light hair removal is actually good, the disadvantage is expensive, and the energy consumption of frequent hospitals is also large. Therefore, the household hair removal device is very good, the unit price of the medical beauty hair removal can be used repeatedly until the hair no longer grows. There are many choices for the existing household hair removal devices on the market. Let me introduce the one I am using today.

Model: Philips pulse light hair removal instrument BRI956

Reference Price: 4699RMB

From the appearance, the overall texture is very good. It has a certain weight in the hand and can be used wirelessly. It is very convenient to operate. The location of each joint is also clearly visible.

The reason for choosing Philips is simply to trust their professionalism.

This hair removal device is said to have gone through 14 years of research and development time, and more than 3,000 clinical trials, only to enter the public field from their laboratory in the Netherlands.

Generally speaking, the hair removal equipment of the beauty salon utilizes the method of destroying the hair follicle, and the principle of hair removal of this product of Philips is to sleep the hair follicle, which is gentler to the skin and has some whitening function.

After using the product, you can safely basking in the sun, showering, swimming, no taboos.

Steps for usage

The first step: hair cleaning and shaving pretreatment

The part of the pulsed light is in the part of the hair follicle, so the hair on the surface still needs to be scraped off first.

Step 2: Skin Sensing and Select Connector

Skin Sensing is a device implanted in the Philips Hair Removal Device that helps determine your skin tone for optimal hair removal.

It is worth noting here that dark-skinned people or people with long-term tanning habits are not suitable for this hair removal device.

Therefore, for a woman with normal Asian skin color, this step actually has only one action, which is to select the part you want to remove, and then replace the corresponding joint.

Step 3: Start hair removal

First turn on the light, the indicator light will light up in a series. Hold the epilator’s handle with your hand at a right angle to the skin at 90 degrees. Fingers grab the buttons on the inside of the handle. When the connector is close to the skin, the hair removal device will flash red light, and when it is flashing, it will be hair removal. When the red light flashes, you can feel the skin slightly warm, and then the hair from the epilator can cool you down.

In a small area such as under your arm, you can choose the “one flash and one stop” mode, and the hair will be depilated once when your finger is down.

For large areas, such as thighs, you can choose the “sliding flash mode”. When the epilator slides over the skin, it emits a series of flashes that are efficient.

During my use, I can feel the fine details of Philips, they are doing very well, and some humanization. For example their connectors. The world’s first curved filter, and the four joint shapes are different. The surface of the face joint is straight, the underarm joint is a small convex arc surface, the bikini joint has a large convex surface, and the joint for the large area of ​​the body is a concave design. These small shape differences make the hair removal process quite docile.

 About the specific time of use:

Reference hair removal time: 1.5 ~ 2.5mins for the face, 1.5 ~ 2mins for the armpit, 2 ~ 3mins for the bikini, 6.5 ~ 11.5mins for the thigh.

 I use Philips every two weeks. After three times of use, 90% of the hairs will not grow back. The effect of each hair removal can last for about 8 weeks, and you will feel slippery and feel good in these eight weeks.

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